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What is SP Blueprint?

SP ​Blueprint is a responsive master page template for customizing and branding a SharePoint 2013 site collection. The template includes a responsive CSS grid system, minified SharePoint CSS files, and a pattern library for widgets like tabs and slideshows.

Why SP Blueprint?

Blueprint is intended to be a light and minimal framework on which to build your SharePoint customizations. Most notably, the minified versions of SharePoint's CSS files that are included with Blueprint put the cascading back into SharePoint's cascading style sheets. This means that when you set a default link color in CSS, you'll see that color almost everywhere links appear. This sounds exceedingly simple, but leaning more on the power of CSS can change the way you can apply a design to your SharePoint portal. Using this technique puts more emphasis on web technology, and less emphasis on proprietary SharePoint technology like master pages, composed looks, or HTML snippets.

How does it work?

Read through the official documentation to learn about installation, usage, and customization of your SP Blueprint template.

What does it look like?

Blueprint adds only minimal design aesthetic to your SharePoint site. It's intentionally bland, so as to act as a canvas on which to build your own design. Depending on the size of your device viewport, the master page may look something like this:

In larger viewports, Blueprint more closely resembles the SharePoint you know and love:

License & Terms of Use

SP Blueprint was created by Protiviti SharePoint Solutions and is released under Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL).

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